Osiris Shoes and H-Street Skateboard have joined forces with over a half a century of combined innovation and experience to bring you the ultimate skate shoe.

This collaborative effort takes the iconic Osiris Protocol and wraps it in our formulated “secret sauce” premium suede for maximum performance and unmatched durability.

Understanding the demands of today skaters we developed the “CTRL Impact System” which features our innovative insole and lasting technology to maximize the overall comfort, fit, support and impact resistance you come to expect with performance footwear.

This collection of skate shoes is essentially based on the custom made shoes Tony Mag’s been rocking for years, with a variety of quality and durability upgrades, including the very stylish waxed laces, which do last longer than regular laces and insoles, which have some “grip” to them and the extra set of custom CTRL Impact insole, which is printed with Hackett’s legendary artwork.

The Hackett Slash Skeletor was drawn by Marc McKee for a fundraiser for the Hackman who was down with cancer in 2012 and was issued as a limited edition board and now is also available as Hackett’s Pro Model on H-Street.

The abstract art is done by the Hackman himself, using a skateboard as a brush to create stunning pieces of artwork in a fashion that’s been a lifetime achievement for the All-Around World Champion skateboarder Dave Hackett.

Dave “Hackman” Hackett from Malibu, California is considered one of skateboarding’s best “All Around Skateboarders” and legendary riders. A devoted Osiris Team Rider since 2002, he has been featured in just about every single book of Skateboarding's history and in several major skateboard films, videos and movies including the Multi-award winning documentary “DogTown and Z-Boys” and “Day at the Pool”.

An extremely versatile rider, The Hackman won the 1975 Hang Ten World Championship Jr. Men’s’ Title at 15, and the 1978 US Open Men’s Bowl and Pool Riding Title at Kona Skate park. At 45 years of “Youth” he won the European Slalom Racing Championships in Stockholm Sweden 2005. Hackett came out of “racing retirement” to defend his 2011 Overall Masters Skateboard Slalom Championship title by winning the TS, Hybrid and Giant Slalom at the 2012 Oceanside Open against the World’s Fastest Skateboard Racers.

In 2006, Dave Hackett set the World Record for being the “Oldest Pro” to do Tony Hawk’s Infamous “Loop of Death” – Blowing the minds of young and older surfers and skateboarders around the world- A feat no one his age or older has been able to meet to this day!

Now, at over 55 “years young” the “Hackman!” continues to defy the odds of what is possible on and off his skateboard. Hackett still surfs and skateboards regularly, as well as plays guitar. His sponsors include Osiris Shoes, Kryptonics Wheels, Khiro, H-Street Skateboards, Paris, Tracker, & Radikal Trucks, Nitro Bearings, Black Leather Racing and Deathbox®.

H-Street was founded circa 1986, by professional skateboarder Tony Mag and bro Mike Ternasky. The two teamed up with pro skateboarder Dave Andrecht to form the first skateboard company that was run by skateboarders.

T-Mag’s basic idea was that skateboard companies should be run by skateboarders and not guys in suits that didn’t ride, and that skateboarding should be a source of free and individual expression. The fact most towns in America have an actual H-Street somewhere, made it into an every town idea. H-Street is inclusive, not exclusive.

Osiris Shoes was formed in the early 90’s by a group of friends, including Tony Mag, who thought it was a good idea for skaters to design skate shoes. Osiris has been a leading and innovative brand with such notables as the first shoe company to release a full length video with “The Storm” in 2000 and design hits like the D3 and D3 2001, followed by leading the industry in prints on shoes with an artist known as OG Abel. In 2007, Brian Reid designed the NYC83, an 80’s throwback high top that reached new heights for Osiris. While design and innovation is always paramount at Osiris, quality skate shoes is always a priority for both Brian Reid and Tony Mag, who still design the shoes and still skate.