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The H-Street Longboard Cruzer is a highly customized one of a kind complete skateboard. Jim Johnson, builder of the original Fiberlam boards, combined design forces with T-Mag and crafted this special deck.

The H-Street Longboard Cruzer is laminated using the finest American Maple and special clear glass weave, using structural epoxy resin for maximum quality and durability. The Cruzer gives a light weight, springy and responsive ride. Guaranteed to perform under the most extreme conditions, it will also inspire a comfortable and lively feeling, just cruising down the road. Built one at a time, this board is truly unique, and the only one available.

The deck is 0.339 thick and is pre-gripped with Paradox, the grip tape choice of the Pro’s.

Featuring a 180mm Tracker Fastrack, one of the most stable inverted trucks ever casted, and high rebound, oversized upper and lower bushings, with an additional standard seat which allows standard bushings to be used. The Hangers are engineered to “flip” creating more caster and trail, again increasing the rider’s fine-tuning ability and options. When the Hanger is flipped, it changes the roll centers for higher speeds. It slows down the reaction giving less chance of speed wobbles. The lower axle doesn’t change the geometry of the truck, it just repositions the axle.

The Tracker Fastrack uses 356 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, 4140 Chromoly steel axles and grade 8 kingpins. Every part of this truck was proudly hand built in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The trucks are lifted with Khiro’s ½ inch riser pad for proper wheel clearance.

The wheels are the classic super soft red Kryptonics 78A in 70mm. There isn’t a crack or pebble anywhere that these wheels won’t easily cruise right on over, making them one of the most forgiving wheels made for rough surfaces while delivering maximum traction on all surfaces. Kryptonics are the original high end urethane wheels, designed in the 70’s.

For this high end ride, we could only use the best bearings available, so the Cruzer ships with Bones Red bearings, which feature a single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction, high speed Nylon™ ball retainer for greater strength and speed. They are pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™ racing lubricant and feature Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant to provide the best performance and durability possible.

The assembled board weighs 7.32 Lbs. (3322 Grams).