The H-Street team was always an eclectic group of riders and individuals, which was sometimes referred to as “The Motley Crew” (not to be confused with the band).

We’re building the team on that same philosophy, that skateboarding is such a strong common trait, that you don’t also need to be the same age, color, kind of skater, like the same music or food, or have anything else in common, besides a passion for skateboarding. We’re building a team of legends, starting with team_pic2T-Mag, Ron Allen, Art Godoy and former world champion Eddie “El Gato” Elguera. We added super legend Dave “The Gnar” Hackett. We also back Allysha Bergado, a 13 year girl that rips pools and vert like no other little girl on the planet. So there’s your motley crew. We’ll get around to adding to this team, probably be building a pro team at some point and maybe even putting together another h-street video, to showcase the incredible talent of these guys, but more importantly, after skating for more than 25 years, these guys still rip and they love it. Crew captain tony mag got all this craziness started in 1987, when he had the idea that skateboard companies should be run by skaters, not guys in suits. With the success of h-street and this idea, the skateboarding industry changed forever.